How to boost speed of your Windows VPS?

Windows VPS Hosting service is one product that helps application developers. And it also helps people working on software and platforms like ASP and ASP.NET. Many people take Windows server Hosting service because it provides great features at affordable price tag. When hosting is done on a Windows VPS server then hosting applications and multiple websites becomes a simple task.

When hosting services when runs on a Windows virtual server then it established a secured connection. The secure connection established because of the systems and firewalls in place. This is possible because your Windows VPS Hosting provider manage Windows Virtual server. Your hosting provider will take care of management server, and backups and that provides you relief and then you can concentrate on other productive tasks if your business.

1. Upgrading Windows VPS
Upgrading Window VPS is good and it is very simple as well. You just need to follow these instructions:
• You have to start with log-in to your Account Manager.
• Then select and click on the server.
• Now you have to click on the name of the server you want to use.
• Now open the customize tab.
• Now you have to select the plan you want to apply.
• Now you have to click on the checkout option and complete the checkout process.

2. Firewall protection
Firewall protection is important for your website because it will block the malicious Internet attacks that might slow down VPS and therefore it is necessary for you to close unwanted ports. These attacks can come from both inside and outside system.

Outside attack is something when people trying to take the control of your computer and do things on the internet with your computer.

Inside attack is different because here the already installed software on your computer will try to connect out to the internet. This problem arises when there is hacker working on it.

When you have Firewall protection then it will help you to safeguard your system from both of these kinds of attacks.

3. Disable unwanted services
If you want faster services then you must disabled the unwanted services. When you disabled unwanted services then it will enhance the performance of your server, and also enhances the security. According to the computing law bigger executing code base might comes with an exploitable sensitivity. When you disable the unwanted services then you can control the code base execution. Disabling will make our server fast and protect it from exploitable security hole.

4. Disable themes

You must disable the theme to protect your website and window vps hosting is also from bad neighbor effect. You must understand that having themes on remote desktop will kill the bandwidth. it is necessary that you disabled themes and enjoy better bandwidth.

At the end it is perfect to say that Windows VPS is one great service that can provide you greater satisfaction in affordable price range. The window vps is best for those who work on Windows like ASP.NET etc.

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