How to use Windows VPS for Marketing/SEO?

Nowadays, whether to use Windows VPS or not is an important decision not only for many businesses owners but also for ordinary men. Windows is cost effective and Windows Server is a secure and useful tool for both commercial purposes and home users. If you cannot afford the price of a different service, the cheap Windows VPS is a good alternative for you.

Some useful tools for marketing/SEO:
GSA – Search Engine Ranker is ranked as one of the most popular SEO software for indexing websites and link building. If you use it for a good purpose and write unique content, it can go a long way in helping you rank well in search engines. It may look costly if you are using it for a personal non-profit blog, but it is affordable if you are running a hosting company.


Senuke – Runs smoothly on Windows VPS Server and is useful for article creation and indexing your web pages. They have a step by step wizard feature, which is good for unexperienced users. The tool is also helpful for submitting sites to WordPress and Wikipedia but you should use it with caution.


Scrapebox – It is full of features like page quality checker, pr checking and lots of other features. The tool is quite affordable for anyone who doesn’t want to spend huge amounts of money on SEO. If you are moving a VPS, you can also ask for a license transfer. They are very fast in responding and doing their work. Your license will be transferred in several minutes or a few hours.


Xrumer – A good tool for automation like automatic confirmation of account creation. The price is usually low but it can also be used for improving the SEO of your site.


Article Submitter – Just search on Google, and you will find a lot of software that submits your articles automatically. For better results, you should write unique articles instead of using garbage and duplicating content.


Buying a Windows VPS for SEO is easy but be careful of over-committing resources to the sellers. They will promise you a 100+GB space at the lowest possible price, but what you will get instead is only a few GBs. Do you believe that someone will sell you a 100GB disk for only a few dollars? It will be impossible without over-selling. If you are looking for a cheap Windows VPS, click here to buy it. If you have suggestions, submit them to our blog or contact me and suggest a way in which I can improve our services.

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