Keyword Research for SEO – Guide for Beginner – 2021

If you want to write an authentic article, you have to take care of the matter first. Then you must go for a suggestive word that will help you to find the right information. To find the right word, you have to do extensive research on the internet. After finding the proper keyword or the perfect phrase, Google it, and you are sure to get the ultimate answer to your query. For example, if you want to know about COVID-19, you have to type COVID-19, and the sweet outcome is at your hand within a short span.

What is Keyword Research

Now you must have a perfect idea of keyword research. It is a vital task related to SEO. This research identifies trendy words or phrases that people put down on search engines. After getting the desired result, they look for the ranking thereon. Why does one need keywords? If someone asks you the question, you will promptly answer that the keywords help searchers reach the content gracefully. Absurd keywords yield no result. All your efforts are in vain if the target is not oriented correctly. A slight mistake from your end can make the search engines and the earnest users to utter dissatisfaction.


The potentiality of Keyword research

The potentiality of the keyword research helps you to know the destination traffic and the way how they go for your content, products, or various services you cater to. Again keyword research brings before you the relevant data to aid the answer all such questions such as:

• What do the target people search for?

• How many enthusiasts are there on the go to search for the ultimate word?

• What is the mode of the finding of proper information?


Keyword research, the ultimate SEO pillar

Keywords indicate your goal and make you aware of your success or failure. Again perfect research guides you to find out the idea of the targeted traffic. Deep involvement in keyword research helps you know what the traffic is in quest of and the perfect words or group of words the curious people are searching for. With the help of keyword research, the entire market is scanned quite distinctly.


How to find out the proper keyword

Keyword research instills within you the fire to walk along the avenue of panoramic ideas on keyword. Choosing a prolific keyword is not an easy task. Choice of words is the ultimate success. You have to be very precise, very target oriented. The urge for scholarship pays no dividend; rather it leads the researcher to ultimate maze of confusion. The thing that is earnestly intended is to go for perfect suitable words or phrases for the relevant mission.


Content creation or keyword research

You think that you are a master content writer, and it is your first and foremost duty to concentrate on the content taking no notice of the keyword. Your idea is wrong. Nowadays, keyword research is the pillar of SEO success as it was thought years ago. But the trend of using keywords has taken a new shape in the present time.


The more traffic less income

When your ultimate goal is to reach the apex of success, you should not bother about ‘traffic-jam.’ I want to say. You never think it right that enough traffic is not the key to success. You have to highlight your content or your product in the best way. It is your main aim. Your ultimate goal to reach the curious researcher is to feed the traffic a brilliant way to understand your content, personal service, and brand products. Keyword research is always mandatory to make your content or product more useful. Once you fail to optimize your content, you are sure to watch the mishap. You will be shattered to pieces to know that your website viewers are getting lower and lower day by day. All you need to do is to understand it in the best possible way how to grasp the worth of keywords so that the high-grade traffic is ensured.


All about keywords

Now it is your main task to find golden keywords. Now you may ask me how you can get the source. The answer is not easy. You have to dip delve into the idea of going for the golden keywords or phrases. This journey for golden keywords will take you to the arena of bubbling ideas of how to for keywords. Suppose you run a blog on a topic after your choice. What will you do? You have to go for the basic things that your blog is about. Whatever the blog’s theme or content, all you need to do is search for ideal keywords suitable for the blog. Now I shall show you some novel ways to find prolific keywords.


Finding prolific keywords

As you are a beginner, you are to work hard to taste the essence of success. Many ways are there to choose the prolific keywords or phrases. The SEO experts believe that it is the best way to follow the ideas of Google for the beginner. Google is ready to cater to you to various suitable keywords, vide different measures.


Google Suggest

It is the novel way Google has brought for the beginners. Introduced in the year 2007, it rose to success and became a vital part of Google search. Google algorithm has enormous potential to hint at the queries put forward by the enthusiast. Suggested authentic keywords flash in the search box. A beginner may have the chance to view five suggestions at a time. More suggestions one can expect from it too. The beginner must click on any specific keyword, as an outcome of the Google Autofill list emergence. Within a second, the visitor can view the result of his earnest search page. In this way, the beginner is satisfied with the jet speed search result convenient for him/her. Google Suggest enhances the searching ideas and brings a sweet experience of searching.


There are free keyword tools

Many keyword tools are there to give the beginner numerous keyword ideas based on the perfect keyword, so to say the seed keyword. The most perfect one at this moment is the Google Keyword Planner. Answer the Public is another one to generate in an automated process various suggestions. You have to admit that as the tools are free, there lie the possibilities of many minute flaws. Free things serve the purpose, but you can never tell it for certain that they are a hundred percent correct. All I can suggest to you is that please go for the paid ones at the beginning of your career.


All about KWFinder

Many SEO experts believe that the tool is absolutely the SEO specific. It has the quality to evaluate which keywords or phrases are the most precious ones. On the other hand, you have not to toil hard going for the keywords for hours. Your precious time is saved, and you are sure to offer a competitive masterstroke. Again this fantastic tool can calculate why you fail to rank. With the tool’s aid, you can quickly gauge the quality and intention of your ultimate competitors. All you have to do is type the domain of your competitor, and the result is at hand within a flash of time.


An idea of Search Volume

The moment you are going for keywords, you have no other way to think of the search volume. If you work hard and research thoroughly with keywords, it is not hard enough to rank on the top. But you have to keep it in mind if only small numbers of viewers go for the search for the keyword every month, you are sure to trail behind. Hence, it is the ideal task to go for the search volume to carry you to the top of success. The experts believe that the beginner must have a keen watch on the search volume of every month and the CPC value.

Semantic method of Rank Brain of Google

Rank Brain stands for artificial intelligence that Google provides in search outcomes. Google uses a machine to highlight the algorithms. It is never used solely for a good cause. Once the search is out of order, it is not possible for the Google-men to fix the problem within a short span. Rank Brain is called the “ranking signal.” But if one goes into the deep of the issue, one can find quite easily that traditional ranking know-hows are far more efficient than the widely accepted RB. To be too precise, Rank Brain is a typical algorithm that implements machine suggestions to find out the match you are going for. But RB is entirely sure if the query is justified or not.


Finally to elaborate search intent

We have already come to know that a query means different meanings when a beginner uses it for different purposes. Search Intent. Keywords can be classified into 4 types-
• Informational
• Commercial
• Transactional
• Navigational

These four are the magic wand to determine your revenue. Again there are short tail and long tail keywords.


Last but not the least

I can be jubilant to think that I have brought before you the beginner’s guide to key word research after my own knowledge. My suggestions will help you to make out what keyword research actually is and how you can go for it. It is a vast topic and in a short space it is very hard to elaborate. Still I have done my best to give a perfect idea of Keyword Research for SEO – Guide for beginner.

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