The top 5 tips for finding the best Windows VPS Company

Finding a good, reliable and cheap Windows VPS company is a difficult process. Every web hosting company claims they are the best but I am sharing with you my 5 best tips you may find helpful.

1. 99.9% Uptime Server
It does not matter if you chose a big company when the uptime guarantee is low or the server is frequently down. Look for an SLA guarantee instead.


2. Minimum 4 CPU Cores
Running software with high demand on your hardware on a single core creates lagging issues, slows down your Windows VPS and creates frustration. If you are using it for a gamming server, lag issues will kill any enjoyment of gaming.


3. TOS/Policy
Read Terms of Services, SLA uptime, and the agreement very carefully. Some companies do not allow specific software and your story with them will end up with the termination of your account and a possible data loss for you.


4. Flexible rules
We recommended using the services of a small company. Many large companies will not compromise with you in terms of an overdue invoice, violating minor TOS.

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