5 Best Ways To Use Windows VPS

One of the best assets that a customer have on his or her computer is a Windows VPS. This is
ideal for everyone who is searching for a reliable hosting. The customers will get all features of
this service, and it’s considered allin one at a reasonable price.


The virtual private server and the dedicated server are having the same functions, but their prices are different. Dedicated
servers are considered expensive, while customers can save money with Windows VPS. Best of
all, this service has more security, fast servers and has flexibility. It’;s absolutely suitable for
small and medium-sized businesses who are looking to make an online presence. Here are the five best ways for a customer to use Windows VPS:


Hosting websites
Windows VPS is perfect to host your websites. One of the advantages that it has for
webmasters is the ability to install custom scripts and software. Shared hosting is commonly
used by various businesses, but they’re not allowed to install customized software, applications
and scripts without the permission from the administrator. In addition to this reliable service, a
customer can gain full control of the software application through its own private virtual server.
For enhancing the performance of a website, the Windows VPS gives advantage to customers
who are using software apps that are highly different and customized.


File and data backups
Another way of using Windows VPS is through backing up files and data. In case of
emergencies and system issues, it has the ability to restore data and files that are lost during
that time. Unlike other shared hosting companies, they have no to less capability to backup
critical data in times of system disaster. Therefore, it’s a must for all customers to make sure
that a strong way of recovering files and data are at present.


Reliable SQL hosting
In shared hosting, one of the common features that a customer see is the MySQL database. It’s
one of the popular applications that can be used while running the cheap Windows VPS. The
difference between using SQL server in VPS and shared hosting is that it’s totally secured and
reliable. Mediumsized businesses who are hosting eCommerce websites can take advantage
of this by allowing the SQL database server to run for processing transactions and backend


Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
Several webmasters and online businessmen are using Virtual Private Networks (VPN). They
are using this to register multiple accounts in different IP addresses and can access to features
that are restricted to their country or IP. Although there are several VPN services out there who
are claiming to be the best, their reliability and flexibility is in question. With Windows VPS, it
can be configured as a VPN to protect the customer’s identity and integration of data.


Multiplayer game hosting
For those who are planning to host a multiplayer game, Windows VPS is a great asset to it. With
this feature, it is powerful, secured and faster enough for a customer to take control of
everything inside of it and the online game community. Several multiplayer games are stable in
running their own plays with this service. It is considered by other gaming companies to host
their multiplayer games with this service.


Windows VPS has gained popularity nowadays. No matter if you’re doing online business, forex
trading and playing multiplayer modes, it gives you a complete advantage to take control with a
reliable, secured and cheap virtual private server.

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