The Benefits of Joomla Hosting On Windows VPS

Joomla is one of the common website platforms in the internet today. It was considered second-best content management system next to WordPress. However, most of the webmasters and businesses used shared hosting to install and build their websites. The downside of shared hosting to small and medium sized online businesses is that they have limited features that can’t meet their expectations. There is another option for them if they’re not satisfied with shared hosting. For other webmasters, they’re using dedicated servers to host their Joomla websites.

To support a professional company or entity, they need something that is fast, reliable and secured. Although you may be getting more on dedicated server than shared hosting, it’s still not good enough to meet the overall quality needs of a Joomla website. What they need is a cheap Windows VPS, which is affordable, reliable and secured.


Here are the benefits of Joomla hosting on a cheap Windows VPS:

Excellent security
It’s the responsibility of a webmaster to fully secure his Joomla website. Unlike shared hosting and dedicated servers, Windows VPS has the full capability to secure your Joomla website in times a server goes down. In other words, when one server isn’t functioning or is in repair, the other servers are still running. The system of the company will be kept secured which results to downtime minimization ability. Several online businesses that are compiling larger data amounts are now relying on cheap Windows VPS, especially if they’re using Joomla platform.



Strong infrastructure on your Joomla website
You may not want to lose your data instantly, right? Windows VPS will help recover all lost data that was included in your Joomla hosting. In terms of disasters and calamities within the server, it would be easy enough for you to recover and backup them with its feature.



Low cost
Hosting Joomla on Windows VPS saves you more money than dedicated servers. However, it will not compromise reliability, flexibility and other important features. It is the goal of the companies to spend something affordable to make their online presence known. Shared hosting and dedicated servers are common for users who host Joomla websites, but they’re saving more money with a reliable, flexible and cheap Windows VPS.


Easy sharing of resources
Sharing resources within your Joomla hosting has never been easy with Windows VPS. It has the capability to allocate features such as disk space, RAM, server space and bandwidth. This will allow the users to avoid any circumstance like website overloading issues. In addition to that, they can also customize their system that is suitable for their needs with their Joomla hosting.


These are the benefits of a Joomla hosting in a cheap Windows VPS plan. It was said that Windows VPS has been a major factor for every business. Not only that, it was already considered on demand to be subscribed by a webmaster. With Windows VPS, you can’t go wrong in hosting your Joomla website. It will become an asset once your business grows in the online world, and it never stops.

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