Best 5 business idea with low budget – India

1. Online local shopping:
If you already have a local shop or want to open your shop then why not open a website for your shop and allow peoples to shop online from website and provide free delivery. By doing this your shop will be become advances and modern.


2. Food Business: is easy to start and now a days peoples love eating pizza, etc. You can open a restaurant. There is also many options are available and do your own research on this topic.


3. Home deliver business: You can work for other’s shop, restaurant,etc and provide “home delivery services” to them and you can charge money for your services or add addons like quick delivery, schedule, door 2 door.

You can also make a service card that how much money you charge for products like call to order, home delivery for shops and take money in advance. Think shop owners will be your clients.


4. Web Hosting Business: If you can’t afford for a local shop then you can open a web hosting business company which cost you less. If you will make your site yourself and host website on some cheaper and affordable hosting company like Provides shared hosting under $9 year only with backup feature and cPanel control panel.


5. Computer repair shop: I think everyone use computer or at lest trillions of peoples use personal computer. So you can open a PC repair center and also offer to repair PC at their home and charge money for personal visit. Offer them AMC.

Remote troubleshoot service can improve earnings.

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