How to Choose Best Indian Web Hosting Company?

With so many competitions, it can be difficult to choose the best Indian web hosting company for your website. There are several things to lookout for in order to find the best Indian web hosting company including uptime, data transfer, technical support, basic features, subdomain/email accounts addons, control panel and renewal prices.


Uptime determines how many days in a year your website will be guaranteed to stay online and accessible by your website. The best uptime percentage is from 99.95% – 99.99%. There should be a refund policy that offers partial refunds in the event that the uptime drop belows the promised percentage.


Another factor is the data transfer the web hosting package offers. Data transfer is the limit of the amount of bytes that can be downloaded from your website. The amount of bandwidth you need depends on the type of media files you have on your site such as image, audio and video. It also depends on the visitor traffic volume.


The Indian web hosting company should offer high quality technical support for 24/7 per day. Having access to customer support at all time is important as things can go wrong with your hosting at anytime. You can test the web hosting’s 24/7 customer support by contacting them through email or phone. The customer support should respond to your query speedily. They should be knowledgeable and provide accurate information for your queries on the web hosting.


The web hosting should offer all the basic features such as FTP, PHP, Perl, .htaccess, Cron, MySQL, SSH, and SSL. FTP lets you use a third party file transfer software to transfer the files from your computer to the server. MySQL is required if you want to run a website that use CMS such as WordPress. Cron is necessary for carrying daily maintenance tasks on your website at a specific time. The .htaccess allows you to create custom error pages such as Bad Request (400), File Not Found (404) and Internal Server Error (500). The .htaccess also allows you to use a different file rather than the index file as the homepage of your website. SSL is important if you want to set up an online store. SSL allows you to collect payment securely from your customers. It will prevent the sensitive information entered by customers from being stolen by hackers.


The web hosting company should allow multiple domains and email accounts add ons. The majority of the web hosting companies will offer at least 25 addon domains. If you have a lot of domains to host, make sure you look for one that allow unlimited domain addons.


The web hosting company should offer an easy to use control panel that allows you to perform the basic functions including check emails, create email accounts, change password, upload files, and etc. It is best to sign up with a web hosting company that offer cPanel hosting.


Finally, you should take into account the price of the web hosting package. The price of the web hosting package should not be too expensive and meet your budget. Many hosting coupons offer discounts for a limited time period such as first 3 months or first year. This is why you should also check for the renewal price. You can find out the renewal price by checking the web hosting product page. When the time comes for renewing your hosting, you can look for renewal coupon code to get a discount.

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