Effective ways to choose Cheapest Windows VPS company

Cheap Windows VPS hosting usually provide lousy hosting services so many webmasters tend to avoid them. Despite that, it is still possible to find a cheap Windows VPS hosting that offers good uptime and customer support.


You can take advantage of cheap Windows VPS hosting from the top providers by using coupon code . Before you make payment for the web hosting, you should search on Google to see if it offers any coupon code which you can use to get some discount. Some web hosting coupon code is only valid for the first month so you will have to pay the original price of the hosting in the subsequent months. There are also web hosting coupon codes that are applicable to the entire duration of the web hosting package you sign up.


There are many web hosting reviews sites that publish a comparison chart that lets you compare the prices of different cheap Windows VPS web hosting companies. In the comparison chart, the cost of the hosting plan per month is listed from the cheapest to the most expensive. The comparison chart also offers quick comparison on the features between different providers such as customer support, money back guarantee, basic features, freebies. You can read the editor reviews at the web hosting reviews site to get more information on the reliability of the cheap Windows VPS hosting plan.


Some Windows VPS companies offer discounts for customers who refer a friend to sign up with them. Another way to save money on VPS hosting is to discuss with the web hosting provider to see if he is willing to offer a discount for your web hosting plan. Many providers will be willing to reduce the cost of the plan to get business from you.


When shopping for a Windows VPS services, make sure you look for a provider that is equipped with high quality server hardware. The quality of the hardware they use will have impact on the performance of your website. VPS providers that do not provide information about whether they own the hardware or is a VPS reseller should be avoided. The servers they use should be equipped with the latest Intel processors. Besides, the server should feature SSD Accelerated storage. With SSD Accelerated, the data on your website can be retrieved quickly. SSD hard drives work just like database caching.


The Windows VPS provider should offer backup services for the VPS hosting plans. The control panel included in the VPS hosting plan must be easy to use. The price the provider charge for the VPS hosting service should be affordable so that you won’t exceed your budget. Besides, you should check the amount of RAM and monthly transfer the VPS hosting plan offers. You should stay away from dodgy VPS providers that don’t provide information on the amount of RAM in the VPS plan.


It is important that the Windows VPS provider offers prompt and friendly customer support. In this way, you can contact them conveniently and get your problem solved promptly.

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