How to Find Cheap Windows VPS Hosting Company Which Suits You

Windows VPS hosting is designed for websites that use Windows technology. It provides support for websites that use Windows applications such as ASP classic, ASP.Net, visual basic, Microsoft Exchange and etc. Windows hosting is not suitable for websites that use WordPress, Dreamweaver, PHP, and MySQL.


When shopping for a VPS hosting services, you must take into account how much RAM you will need in order for the website to operate smoothly. The more RAM the Windows hosting provide, the faster your website will load. Most VPS hosting packages offer RAM of between 512 MB – 1 GB of RAM. It is recommended that you choose a VPS hosting package that offer a 512 MB RAM if it is the first time you are signing up for the VPS hosting services.


Besides, you should take into account the speed of the server. The uptime of the VPS hosting package should be in the range of 99.95% – 9999% to ensure that your website will be up most of the time in the year. Reading reviews can help you to determine the actual uptime of the server in comparison to the high uptime guarantee the provider states on their website.


There are two main types of VPS hosting in the market including managed or unmanaged VPS hosting. The advantage of managed hosting is that the hosting provider will take care of all the routine tasks including reboot servers, install latest updates, and etc. The technical team will monitor the server for 24/7 and attend to any problem it has. Managed hosting is suitable for webmasters who don’t have staff to oversee the server. It is not easy to maintain a VPS server as it requires a lot of training. If you don’t have any staff with server management skill, your best option is the managed VPS hosting.


Unmanaged hosting vps is cheaper because your team will be carrying out the routine tasks on maintaining the server. The advantage of an unmanaged VPS hosting is that you have sole and complete access over the server as it it is your own computer. With unmanaged VPS hosting, you must install the control panel yourself.


Finally, you should consider the price of the Windows VPS hosting packages. The average cost for a basic Windows VPS hosting is about $20 – $25 per month, which is very affordable for most webmasters. If you add other value added services, you will get charged more. The most important thing is to find a reliable Windows VPS hosting that offer high quality hosting at a fair price.


Many webmasters are looking for ways to cut down the cost of the VPS web hosting services. One way to get discount on Windows hosting package is to use coupon code. Web hosting coupon codes are available every month. You can apply the web hosting coupon code when you check out. Many providers offer discount for VPS hosting to new signups as well as renewals. You can find discount code for VPS hosting services by performing a Google search on the internet.

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