Mexico Web Hosting – Top 5 Company List – 2018

1. Dewlance Mexico (Site available in English Language) – is most reputable hosting company, They are older then 9 year and it was established in 2009. They have a server location in many City and provides Shared Hosting under $9/Year (In Mexican Currency: 179 MXN), Windows Virtual Private Server and Linux VPS at affordable cost. Dewlance use SSD Disk and customer support is on top priority and price is cheaper then most of company but service quality is also excellent.


2. HostDime Mexico is another good company but their price is expensive, It was founded in 2001 and their customer service is also good. They provide various product services like Shared hosting, VPS and Colocation.


3. Xpress Hosting Mexico was founded in 2002, Service is good and also there is no any complaints against their customer service. They use nginix but their price is bit higher then Dewlance.


4. Alojate was founded in 2003 however it seems their presence on search engine is low but are also best provider but their main website is not hosted on a Mexican server.


5. Digitalserver established in 2004 but price is bit high and they provide many hosting services, Their website is not hosted on a Mexican server. They also gives cPanel license at higher cost then cPanel resellers. I am still researching on more hosting company and I use most of company myself before suggesting you.

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