Running WordPress Application on Windows VPS

Most people thought that WordPress must be hosted on a Linux server because it is a PHP based application. WordPress can now be run on Windows VPS that have Windows Server 2003 or higher version. Windows VPS is suitable for webmasters who want to run a WordPress site for their online businesses. With Windows VPS, there will be lesser downtime. The higher uptime enables your WordPress site will load faster.


Many WordPress bloggers think that it is very difficult to install WordPress on a Windows VPS server. Actually, you don’t need to be a computer savvy to install WordPress on your server. There are several ways you can install WordPress on your Windows server. You can manually download the WordPress zip file from the official site and install it on your server. The Microsoft Web Platform installer can also be used to install WordPress. To ensure WordPress run smoothly on your Windows server, you should avoid using too many plugins.


The large amount of resources on Windows VPS allows you to host as many WordPress blogs as you want without experiencing any downtime. Every webmaster will be guaranteed with an allotment of system resources. You will have administrative and root access to the server. Root access gives you the ability to make configuration on the security settings of your server. You can install any type of security software on the server to provide maximum security for your WordPress blog.


The only downside is that you will be responsible to fix any issue that arise on your server. If you are on managed hosting, the technical support team will take care of the issue on your server. Some web hosting companies will offer some supports to unmanaged web hosting clients. It is important to backup your files on the server regularly in case the server crash. Webmasters will be able to customize the server to create a suitable hosting environment. Webmasters can set the minimum and maximum upload size for the images. You will be able to run any type of custom script on the server.


By using a Windows VPS hosting, you will be able to protect your WordPress blog from hackers. Hosting a WordPress blog on shared hosting makes it vulnerable to hackers and bad website neighborhood. With VPS hosting, your WordPress blogs will not be affected by other websites because you are allocated with your own partition. It will load faster as you will not be sharing resources with other webmasters.


The advantage of using a VPS is that you can easily upgrade it when your blog is experiencing a significant growth. Your website will perform much better than in a shared hosting if you don’t overload the server. There are many web hosting companies that offer reliable and cheap VPS hosting packages. VPS hosting is ideal for any type of website that runs on WordPress including e-commerce, affiliate program, forum, and website. Many web hosting companies will offer to transfer your WordPress blog for you for free of charge.

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