Should you chose Virtual Private Server over Shared Hosting?

VPS hosting is a type of hosting where the webmasters’ sites are hosted on a server machine with a number of virtual compartments. The webmaster will be assigned to one virtual compartment. No one will share the disk space and bandwidth on the virtual compartment with you so you can have the entire partition to yourself. In shared hosting, everyone share the same server resources. If one of the website is using up the server resources, it could affect your website by causing the webpages to load slowly.


VPS hosting is an economic alternative to dedicated hosting in terms of costs. It costs about double the price of a shared hosting services. Shared hosting is cheap but it only offers the resources for a basic website that do not have a lot of visitors. If you notice your website is getting a lot of traffic, it is time for you to switch to a better hosting such as VPS hosting. VPS hosting offers more RAM and bandwidth so it is more suitable for larger site.


VPS hosting works just like dedicated hosting because it gives you root access to the server. You can have root access to your VPS server if you choose an unmanaged web hosting package. In a managed web hosting package, the web hosting provider’s team will manage the server on your behalf so there is no need for you to have the root access. When you have root access, you will have complete control over the server including installing any software you want on the server, and make configuration on the server applications.


With unmanaged VPS hosting, you will be able to customizer the serve according to the needs of your website. It is an economic option for webmasters who want to save money on buying the physical servers themselves. Your VPS server will be pre-installed with many powerful software that cannot be found in shared hosting. Since your team will be managing the VPS server, you don’t have to get frustrated with an unresponsive customer support. Managed hosting is more expensive as the IT staff will be attending to any issue the server have.


In shared hosting, you will be given a cPanel that allows you to manage your website. The web hosting provider will be responsible for managing the shared hosting server. Because of this, you will not have the ability to install any software or make configurations on the server.


VPS hosting offers a secure environment for hosting your website. It reduces the chances of the server getting hacked. Your site will not be affected by the actions of websites on the other partitions. For example, if a website on another partition spam, your website will not be blacklisted when the search engine blacklist that website. You will be assigned your own IP address.


In shared hosting, all the webmasters will share the same IP address. Websites that are hosted in shared hosting servers often get hacked. Many hackers like to sign up for shared hosting and attack the websites there because it is cheap. Besides, your files on shared hosting is not secure as they can be easily accessed by anyone.

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