How to Find Reliable Web Hosting

There are many web hosting companies in the market doing their best to advertise web hosting services. Some web hosting companies do not keep the promises they make about the features in their advertisement. In order to find a reliable shared hosting, you must be willing to spend time to do research.


A reliable shared hosting will offer a good uptime. The uptime percentage guarantees how long your websites will be accessible by the visitors. You should choose a web hosting service that offers an uptime of at least 99.99%. Many cheap hosting also provide a 99,99% guarantee but they don’t live up to their promise. To make sure the web hosting is trustworthy, you should check the reviews online and see what other customers are saying about the uptime. Lousy web hosting service will always put the server into maintenance mode so that your website is barely up.


Reliable shared hosting offers a fast server that allows you to quickly upload your files. If the server is slow, it will take a long time for you to upload the files. Your website will also load slow if the server is slow. Many web hosting companies are offering demo trials for free. The free web hosting trials usually last for 14 – 30 days. You can sign up for the trials to test the different features of the web hosting services before making payment.


Reliable shared hosting services will offer adequate space and bandwidth to ensure your website will operate smoothly on the web. Many web hosting providers offer unlimited shared hosting services that do not place limit on the disk space or bandwidth.


Reliable shared hosting company will offer a 24/7 customer support via at least three methods including telephone, live chat and email. Many web hosting companies have a ticketing system which allows customers to submit a ticket for the problems they are facing. It is important that the customer support staff is responsive and reply to the customers’ queries on time. Reliable shared hosting company should be equipped with many staff. Lousy web hosting companies will have very few staff to attend to the customers. It might be that the only staff they have is the owner of the web hosting company.


Some web hosting companies will hire celebrity to endorse their products. Endorsement from celebrity does not guarantee that the provider is offering high quality web hosting services. Reliable shared hosting companies will not charge customers a price that is higher than the average price in the market. You should also avoid providers that charge an extremely cheap price for the hosting services. You will get what you pay for the web hosting services. Cheap hosting will skimp on certain areas of the web hosting such as lousy customer support level, and slow server.


There are many reliable shared hosting companies that work through affiliates. This is not a red flag as there are many competitors in the market. When choosing a web hosting company, make sure you take into account your website requirements.

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