Hostgator India vs Dewlance?

Hostgator India has been recently acquired by EIG. Ever since the acquisition, the customer support level has dropped. Statistics shows that about 72% of Hostgator customers have complained about irresponsive customer support. Lots of tickets submitted by Hostgator customers are not answered for months.


Hostgator India vs Dewlance?


Besides, many customers also complained about slow loading time. EIG has been using a limited version of cPanel to save money. To make more money, they cram more users on the server. This is the reason why the server at Hostgator experience down time frequently.


EIG owns a number of web hosting companies that consistently get bad customer reviews. Many customers also complain about slow loading time. EIG fired all the staff of the old host so that there is no more management team to look after the web hosting. Hostgator is no longer one of the top web hosting companies due to the poor customer support.


The price of the hosting at Hostgator still remain the same despite the terrible customer support and low uptime. In comparison to Dewlance, Hostgator is much more expensive. The price of Dewlance shared hosting is about 10 times cheaper than Hostgator. Dewlance offers three types of shared hosting plans including bronze, silver and gold. The disk spaces range from 1GB to 5GB while the bandwidth range from 100GB/month to 350 GB/month. The MySQL database limit range from 40 – 170. You can host up to 2 domains with the gold plan.


Dewlance is a small web hosting company that provides various types of services including shared hosting, and VPS hosting. Dewlance is a web hosting company based in India. It is founded by Chandra Prakesh in 2009. It is equipped with a team of professionals that are knowledgeable in all aspects of web hostings. They always ensure that the server is up to date with the latest software and application.


Dewlance promises an uptime of 99.9% for customers. According to their website, their web hosing server will takes about 2.83 seconds to load the files. They always optimize the server to ensure high uptime and fast webpage loading. It includes Softaculous which you can use to install various types of applications on your website such as WordPress. They do not charge any hidden fee. They will instantly setup the web hosting account for you for free of charge as soon as you sign up with them.


Dewlance protect their server with up to date firewall software. Their shared hosting packages include all the basic features. Dewlance operates servers in several locations including USA, Canada, and UK. They operate four servers in the USA including Orlando, Chicago, Buffalo and Las Vegas. Dewlance offers both Windows and Linux hosting.


Dewlance offer 24 hours customer support through live chat, forum and tickets. The average time it takes them to answer a ticket is 20 minutes. There is a demo cPanel where customers can access to check the features of the control panel they offer. They offer 24 hour money back guarantee for their web hosting.

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